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Chefs2Go makes it cheaper and easier to find the right chef for your position - while giving you the best chance of finding the best possible candidate. No need to place expensive newspaper advertising, or weeding through dozens of flakey candidates. We have chefs that we've already quality checked by a qualified Chef; and are looking for work now. We offer three amazing ways to get your recruitment needs sorted NOW:


Chefs2Go Pro Subscriptions

Our subscription service gives you 24 hour access to the worlds most innovative kitchen and staff management system available. Monthly subscribers can login and view current applicants at any time, knowing each candidate has been quality checked by our industry professionals. Subscribers can then choose candidates and contact them directly. Subscribe now to access these chefs instantly

Chef Recruitment Service

Customers can contact us directly and have a Chefs2Go recruitment specialist tailor the ideal shortlist for your unique needs. This is a fixed cost service that is both faster and more cost effective than the normal routine of placing advertisements in newspapers and online recruitment services yourself. And we can find temporary staff to get you out of trouble in the meantime. What are you waiting for? Give Chefs2Go a call and let us handle your staffing needs for you.

Chef Freelance to Hire

Customers using our Temporary Chefs are contractually bound not to approach our staff directly for full time placement. But we still give our customers the option to recruit our Relief Chef Staff for a one off release fee. That gives our customers the opportunity to 'try before they buy' and make sure they are 100% ready to move to a permanent role in their venue.

Quality Check

Every Chef listed on Chefs2Go has been interviewed by a Chefs2Go regional manager, who has extensive experience and knows the trade. Not all applicants make it through our stringent interview process, which is there to ensure you can be confident that your applicants are have the experience and qualifications to meet the level listed on Chefs2Go.

Choosing the right chef

Finding staff with the right skills and mind set are crucial. We recommend that you do your research before you hire any staff. Make sure you have a clear job description, do reference checks, and look for chefs that have done similar roles. For example, a chef who has alot of experience in breakfast may not be the ideal candidate for a steakhouse. A chef with a buffet or catering background might not suit a small a la cart restaurant role.

Try to find chefs that have had experience in similar roles. If hiring non Australian citizens remember to check they have a working visa and are legally allowed to work for you. Don't be afraid to trial a few chefs before hiring one on a fulltime basis.  Ask to see recipes and menu's they have either been working on or written in the past. Take your time to find the right candidate and you could have a happy staff member for many years. The wrong choice could cost you time and money. Ask your regional manager for advice and feel doubly assured you've got the right chef for the job.

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