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Kitchen Management

By becoming a Chefs2Go subscriber you'll have access to a complete end to end solution for managing your kitchen.

Recipe management

  • Store recipes, training videos and ingredients online 
  • Ensure's your menu is kept in your organisation when Chefs relocate or leave
  • Calculate the costs of each dish for realistic profit margins

Order management

  • Add your suppliers and ingredients into our database
  • Add par levels to take the guess work out of stock takes
  • Print stock take and order sheets, complete with your suppliers details and product manifest

Procedure management

  • Step by step recipe instructions, and instructional videos are stored with each recipe. That gives your kitchen an instant training resource that new chefs and freelance chefs can complete without supervision
  • Quality control is a breeze now that you can check your Chefs are following proceedures, quantities and costings. You can even add photos of plated dishes to ensure your meals are presented perfectly every time
  • Upload daily checklists and important documents for a centralised repository

Easy to setup and maintain

  • The system was built by chefs for chefs, streamlined for ease of use every step of the way
  • You're head chef can add recipes, suppliers and your entire kitchen management system in just hours

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